Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Smooth Sailing

We were super busy in March and I told myself that I need to start taking pictures of the calendar in our bedroom where we schedule our month out so that I can remember everything that we have done, because otherwise, all I know is that we have been busy. March is usually the month though that goes by so slowly. But it seriously flew by this year for some reason.

We were finally able to find out on February 17th at my 24 week appointment (much later than we found out with Noah), that we are adding a BABY GIRL to our family in June!! Noah knew all along. We are seriously so super excited! At my 16 week appointment in December, my doctor was pretty sure it was a girl, and then at my 20 week appointment in January, he still said he was only 75% sure that it was a girl, but at my 24 week appointment, he was finally able to say with complete confidence that it's definitely a girl (even though he still likes to joke around with us and say things at each of my appointments like "I told you it was a boy right?". He confirmed it today once more, just for my sanity because I keep saying that I still don't believe it's a girl, that it is definitely a girl. So we immediately started shopping for dresses and leggings and pink and purple galore! I can't wait. We are going to name her Kennedee Elaine Keil. When we started thinking of girl names, before we were even pregnant with Noah, we loved the name Savannah. But then Tyler's parents got two foster kids and the girl was Savannah. We decided after getting to know her a little that Savannah was  a no go. I had a Madelyn in my class last year who I absolutely loved, and so that's the name we had pretty much settled on for good. But then when we found out that I was pregnant with a girl this time, Tyler came to me one day and asked if we could name her Kennedy. I really love that name too, and so it just kind of stuck. The reason we decided to spell it Kennedee is because not only does it look adorable when Tyler writes it, but Tyler had a Grandpa who's name was Ned, and my Grandpa's name was Dee, and so we decided that that was a special tribute to our grandpa's. As for the middle name, Elaine, I always wanted to use my Grandma's name as a middle name if I ever had a girl. Another really special thing is that my Grandma Elaine and Grandpa Dee were married on June 8th, so if we have her on June 8th, that would be such a fun birth story. I am so excited! Another reason why it will be so fun to have a girl is because my sister Erin just had a new baby girl (Kinley Erin) on April 1st, and Tyler's sister Melissa is due with a baby girl in August, so Kennedee will have 2 girl cousins who are her age!

At the beginning of March, we got to use another one of my amazing Christmas presents from Tyler and go to the Pentatonix concert! We love Pentatonix, but decided that we don't think we are their number 1 fans based on how much louder the people sitting directly behind us were screaming, and by how into their dancing these 2 men who were sitting in front of us were getting. I feel like people should sit and listen at a concert, otherwise I feel like buying a ticket was a total waste of money because I couldn't hear anything anyways. It was really fun though, and it was fun to be able to go on a date with my honey buns.

We have also been able to go play outside a lot earlier this year than we ever have been able to before. We took advantage of that one day and went and ate popsicles outside. It has been so nice to be able to spend so much time outside this "winter"/"already feels like summer".

We bought Noah some new church clothes and he and Tyler had a modeling session on the front porch. My little baby is growing up so fast.

One thing that we had done that I am seriously so excited about is having a painting that I did in first grade framed for Kennedee's room. My mom saved it forever because she loved it, and I am so glad she did because it looks so awesome above her crib.

Another day in March we went to the Spring football scrimmage for the BYU football team. I think we have done that pretty much every year if I remember correctly. It was even more fun this year though because they had little drill stations set up down on the field that families could bring their kids to. Noah had a blast and even got to knock over a dummy...which knocked him back over when he stood up. It was so much fun.

We went for a hike up to see Bridal Veil Falls with Tyler's mom after dinner one night, and it was really beautiful to see. Noah really enjoyed it. I think that was the first time during this pregnancy that I started really feeling my Braxton Hicks contractions.

We got Noah a T-ball set for Easter this year, and he is actually really good. He remembers where to put his hands on the bat, and he stands just the right distance away from the ball, and he does a pretty good job of keeping his eyes on the ball until after he swings. It is so fun to go play with him at the park though. I love that he already has a love for athletics. So does his Daddy :)

For my Spring Break this year, I had talked to my good friend Kimberly about coming to visit them in Montpelier. I hadn't seen their beautiful new house, and I hadn't seen them since this summer when they came to visit us in Bear Lake during our family reunion. So Noah and I left after I got out of school on the 3rd of April and we drove the 4 hours to Montpelier. We seriously had the funnest time. It is always fun with the Wildings. We talked and talked, we ate delicious food, we had an Easter egg hunt, we played out in their big backyard on their new swing set, we roasted marshmallows and ate s'mores, and we laughed and laughed. Kimberly and I even played some Mad libs for old time sake. It was so much fun. I really wish we lived closer, but the drive wasn't really even that bad, and Noah slept the entire way home on Tuesday because Ruby seriously wore him out. They played really hard. It was fun. Kimberly even gave us some really cute girl clothes for Kennedee so we already have a pretty good start. (You can really never have too many girl clothes though, so I am excited to get more).

On Wednesday after we got back, I had my 31 week appointment, and then later that day I was able to use another one of my presents that Tyler got me for Christmas by going to get a massage. It was wonderful. It always seems like it has been only 5 minutes when she tells me that we are done though, so I am definitely going to have to go back.

On Thursday of my Spring break, we headed up to Midway with Tyler's parents to stay in their condo for the weekend. That was really fun too. We wanted to plan just a little getaway with them in December, but we ended up having to reschedule for April, which worked out just great. We played games, went swimming, ate delicious food, the boys got to go golfing, we went to the park and fed the ducks, and it was just nice being in such a beautiful place.

Also in April, the girls got to go to the general women's relief society broadcast at the conference center in Salt Lake. We had a nice visit in the car on the way there, and we went and ate Zupas for dinner afterwards. I am glad that I get along so well with my in laws. It is nice to have sisters who live close to me since my family lives so far away.

This week is a fun week every year. First of all it's teacher appreciation week, so our PTA goes all out treating us and making us feel so special and loved. Teacher appreciation week also always falls on my birthday week every single year. Just another reason to celebrate though. On top of those two things, if it really could get any better, my students are throwing me a surprise baby shower on my birthday. They are so excited to celebrate my baby with me and so this whole week, even though it's a surprise, they have been asking me questions to make sure that I have exactly what I want at the shower. My fifth graders threw my a surprise baby shower with Noah, but I am very curious to see how this one goes with my third graders. To see 23 3rd graders who can hardly make it to the bathroom sometimes without having an accident will be really interesting to see put together a baby shower. They have a lot of help from their parents actually, and I am just so grateful that they are willing to do such a sweet thing for me. It will be fun, and I am excited.

After school on Friday, we are headed to Green River not only to see my parents new house, yes they bought a new house again, and because my niece Peighton is throwing me a baby shower there too! I can't wait. We haven't been to Green River since Thanksgiving, and I am really excited to see my family. My grandma even said we could come over for breakfast on Sunday and she would make us her famous sourdough waffles. It's going to be a great birthday weekend.

After this weekend, it will be May (the last month of school...craziness), another baby shower in Orem with Melissa on May 9th, and then it will be Baby Time!

23 Weeks (I feel like I really started to show here)

It's a GIRL!

Sharing the happy news with my students with pink cookies!

Cute girl clothes!

25 Weeks


Popsicles are best when you can eat them outside.

My handsome men!


My masterpiece in Kennedee's room.

Playing outside again, still learning how this balance bike works.

28 Weeks

Hanging out with cousins.

On the football field with Daddy.

Noah's epic tackle of the dummy.

We love BYU!

Some of our favorite people came to visit us!

Hiking to Bridal Veil Falls with Grandma Marilyn.

Dad gives the best underdogs.

30 Weeks

Ruby's awesome new swing set.

After the Easter egg hunt, with a mouthful of Jelly beans.

Watching a movie and eating popcorn after their bath.

Sitting by the fire.

Eating yummy s'mores. I just love Noah's bling...I don't know why he doesn't wear necklaces more often.

Dying Easter eggs and making crowns.

32 Weeks (Feeling pretty good still).

Noah's new Pirate smile. He tries to get me to make that face and I can never do it right.

Feeding the ducks with Grandma Marilyn.

Sitting in the golf cart with Grandma and Grandpa Keil.

My cute baby shower invitation that Peighton made. I can't wait!

All the girls after conference!

Our amazing PTA and their cute ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week!